Junior High

“The cultural and religion teaching here in Bhakti Utama School is very strong, they always instills good moral teachings in the learning activites, such as having a prayer before starting any activity. Thus, Bhakti Utama not only gave birth to intelligent children, but also gave birth to children with good character.”


Jeslyn Euginia


“I’m so happy to study at Bhakti Utama School because I can learn and know about english, buddhism, and manners especially from the teacher that teaches us. They are so friendly, kind to us, and also very patient and helpful!”

ferlind w parents

Callista Princess Ferlind & Cliff Valentino Ferlind


“Callista and Cliff joined Bhakti Utama Cchool from Nursery Level. They have a lot of progress in English, and a lot of knowledge and moral values were obtained from their study in Bhakti Utama School. Thus the children are very happy and excited to go to school here.”